‘ 10.2” – 1.2.1 ‘ takes a unique approach to design and craftsmanship, an extension of our 10.2” narrative.

Conceived as ‘Works of Art’ and Collector’s items, ‘ 10.2” – 1.2.1 ‘ products are only available in limited quantities or as a unique piece.

We also work on demand for special orders.

Those items are entirely handmade in France and/or in Italy and are crafted from premium materials and components by passionate and trusted hands.
We strive to support our artisans and protect their heritage … (y)our heritage.

A part of this line is made using antique materials and accessories.
All idiosyncrasies are part of the story of the components and participate to the singularity, authenticity and essence of each piece.

Each product is unique … Just as you are.

For further information on our tailor service and availability, please email info@10-2in.com.